Parts Repair Service

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Motorcycle Maintenance

Maintenance, service, repair and high performance add-ons for Kawasaki, Suzuki Yamaha and Honda, Motorcycles. Did you know a lot of motorcyclists do not realize what exactly needs to be serviced on a regular basis, every 4000 miles, or even every six months if you ride a lot?  Schedule a Maintenance appointment just to be sure everything is lubed properly and safe to drive. 260-668-7400


Drive Train



Air Filters




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Snowmobile Repair Parts Service Maintenance

Get your sled ready for winter. Order carbide runners, spark plugs, oil, hifax sliders, drive belts, heated shields, helmets and more at  We install parts, tracks, body, skis and repair just about anything you can break on a sled.

Arctic Cat   Woody’s     Stud Boy   Tracks   Hifax   Drive Belts    Oil     Helmets

Ski Doo     Heated Shields     Spark Plugs    Carbide Runners    Handlebars

Polaris   Carbs  Pipes  Engine Rebuild  High Performance Add Ons

Yamaha   Maintenance   Parts    Snowmobile

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Jet Ski / Wave Runner / Sea Doo / PWC Maintenance Repair Service

Swamped your jet ski? battery dead? Repair and Fiberglass Repair, Maintenance, High Performance Parts and Service
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ATV Parts Repair Service

We’ve got tires, order in house or online. We’ll take them off and put the new ones on for you with state of the art tire center equipment. ATV luggage racks, parts repair and service.
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Detail Center for Boats, Watercraft, Motorcycles and Cars

High end products




Personal Watercraft





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New Boat Covers - Upholstery Repair

Local Service Only for New Boat Covers and Boat Interior Seating





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Fiberglass Restoration

Fiberglass repair center
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There are more services to list than what is listed here at Angola Powersports. We are a Certified Snowmobile Repair Center for – Arctic Cat – Ski Doo – Polaris – Yamaha
Avalanche Receiver Orders taken online at;
Snowmobile Custom Child Harness, Beverage Holder Universal Tunnel Pack www.Tazzbo.Com is the best website to buy motorcycle parts online
Polaris Drive Belt, Polaris Under Hood Drive Belt Bag, Sled Tunnel Bag
Skins Tank Bags, Handlebar Bag, Windshield Bag, Skinz Windshield Pack
Burandt Grizzley Rider Gauntlets Skinz Handlebar Gauntlet Sports Parts Tazzbo
Open Trail ATV UTV Accessories Arctic Cat OEM Rear View Mirrors, Polaris ATV OEM
Grip mount mirror, Ski doo, Arctic Cat, Polaris, Yamaha
Rev XP Nytro Phazer Replacement Undercovers and Straps, Custom Fit Covers Snow
Commercial Sewing Snowmobile Covers Army Duck Canvas Custom Fit Snowmobile Cover
Motion6 Helmet Bluetooth Helmet Communications UClear Motion Series Dynamesh
UClear Digital Pulse Pro 2.0 Speakers, full face or modular helmet uclear earbud
Premium wired helmet speakers, motorcycle communications systems sent prism tube
Sena Prism tube, snowmobile spare belt holder, rack nets bed nets Snobunje Cobra
Snobunje cobra rattler sidewinder rope ratchet escape kit t and a strap s hook
Snobunje towing strap sled towing kit slick tape retrieval line tow rope tow str
Rok Straps, Retrax Retractable Straps, LockStraps, rok straps, tie downs, Bungee
Kryptonite cables and locks, Ancra tie downs, Master Lock, Tough Under Firecable
Dan Adams NXT LVL Riding Clinic NXT LVL next level handlebar Fly Racing Handleba
Fly Racing Handlebars, titanium bars, Skinz Protective Gear, handlebar pads sled
Handlebar Pivot Risers, Pivot Style Adaptor Kit Installation, Handlebar install
Install Fly Racing Grips, SX II grips SCOTT deuce grips spider grips velocity
Grip Glue Three Bond 1501c Geiplock SCOTT Grip Stick Motion Pro Grip Lube n Glue
Throttle kit installation, gold finger, Lefty’s, dual throttle controller parts
Throttle flare to reduce hand thumb fatigue black red arctic cat Polaris Ski Doo
Heated brake lever install, non heated brake install, Straightline Performance
Power Mad Brake Lever for Polaris, Install Heated Replacement Brake Lever TAZZBO
Install Replacement Brake Lever, install Master Cylinder Repair Kits, Indiana
Installation of Replacement Throttle Levers, Yamaha, Ski Doo, Polaris, Arctic C
Universal throttle cables for Mikuni round slide carbs, diaphragm butterfly carb
Throttle cable components for diaphragm butterfly carbs outer housing inner wire
Replacement brake cables for Yamaha skidoo arctic cat Polaris universal replacement brake cables, aftermarket replacement brake cables
Fly racing extended break lines, powermad extended break lines, throttle cable, aftermarket throttle cable
We Install throttle cables for taller handlebar risers on Arctic cat Polaris skidoo
Installation speedometer cable’s universal kit skidoo Polaris Yamaha arctic cat
Billet choke lever kits for Mikuni carburetor’s, new style two cylinder, universal carburetors, and aftermarket carburetor for motorcycles
Replacement choke cables, Leather repair kit’s, cable adapter kits, Mikuni choke
Throttle cable fittings, throttle cable components for diaphragm butterfly carbs
Windshield PowerMadd, We install Cobra Flared Windshields, Do you need a new Arctic Cat Windshield? We sell and install aftermarket SkiDoo windshields
Sno stuff snow stuff peak windshield, Low cut windshield SnoStuff Windshield
Sled Hood Replacement Installation, Aluminum frame, fabric mesh Performance
Composite vented Performance side panels, headlight delete kit for PRO Polaris,
Installation of headlight delete kit installation for herd air intake headlight
Helium heard inside panel complete kit skins protective gear arctic cat airframe
Helium access herd cats Jen for side panel kit with silencer, helium narrow side
Helium lightweight hood kit, helium narrow side panel kit installation parts
MTNTK Performance Parts , Belt guard replay or clip for arctic cat, buckets post
Snowmobile buckets posts and cats for Polaris skidoo Yamaha heard strap post, un
Hood pin kits, side panel from screws, buckets posts and kits for Polaris skidoo
Arctic cat front bumper with skid plate, Polaris Pro ride front bumper installed by Tim Case
Skidoo XP, XM front bumper, skidoo Jen for front bumper, Yamaha front bumper
Arctic cat quick dry rack, Polaris quick dry rack with bumper, skidoo XP, XM
Skidoo XP, XM quick draw rack, skidoo quick dry rack with bumper, skidoo Gen 4
Skidoo Jen for rear bumper installation, install Yamaha quick dry rack
We install Chris Burandt Light weight bumpers buy skins protective gear
Black Diamond Pro Lite Vision Series Front Bumpers Arctic Cat, Snowmobile bumper
Repair New Grip Top Performance seat wraps skidoo seat wrap Yamaha seat wrap Cat
RSI seat cover pleated too seat covers snowmobile seat covers stompgrip polaris
Snowmobile seat repair, seat cover replacement, snowmobile seat cover replacement, motorcycle seat cover replacement, motorcycle seat repair, boat seat repair
Snowmobile Graphics Kit Installation, order Sled graphics kits online
Polaris Tunnel Extensions, Arctic Cat Tunnel Extension Installation and Kit
Snowmobile Running boards, Airloc Running Boards, Burandt Tri-Lote Shorty Runnin
Snow Flaps for Arctic Cat are hard to find right now, Snow Flaps for Polaris, Snow flaps for a skidoo snow.
Pro Skis, C & A skid, boom docking extreme bc, extreme XT ski XCS Skis C & A Pro
MTX c & a pro ski, xpt Cyrene performance trail ski for snowmobile, mount kits
Runners for c & a Pro Skis, replacement ski loops for c & a skis blue green red
Blue Replacement ski loop green replacement ski loop yellow replacement ski loop
Sly dog powder hound 8” Powderhound, 7 inch Powderhound, 7 inch attack skis
Woody’s code 3200, 4” Woody’s Ski Runners, 6” Woody’s Ski Runners, 8” Woody’s
4.5” Stud Boy Shaper Bar 6” stud boy shaper bar, 7.5” stud boy shaper bar 9” bar
Installation of Mohawk Ski, Mohawk Ski Loops, Powder Pro Skis, SLT Skis, ultra
SLT Ultra Lite Skis, Ski Loops for SLT, SKI loops for powder pro, carbide runner
Carbide bottoms for Arctic Cat, SLT trail carbides, carbides for loose snow, PRO
Universal EXO skis, carbides for exo skis, carbide runners for exo-s skis XS-ski
Curve modular system, curve industries ski, curve industries modulars ski, curve
Curve industries ski bottoms, curve industries ski loops, curve carbide runner
Curve Industries XSM skis, Woody’s Carbides, Fuchsia Skis, Neon Yellow Skis, ski
Woody’s Code 5000, Woody’s Slim Jim Dooly Code 5000, Stud Boy Shaper Bar Kit

Motorcycle repair shop


Kawasaki Motorcycle Parts Yamaha Parts. Suzuki Parts Honda Motorcycle Parts

We offer Car detailing service
Angola Powersports offers profeesional Pressure washing service
Boat Motorcycle ATV Sea Doo Waver Runner Jet Ski Pontoon Powerwashing